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5 months ago0.000 SBD, 0.510 STEEM and 0.518 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/my-birthday
last year0.373 SBD and 0.635 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/everybody-is-kind
last year0.439 SBD and 0.790 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/my-club-50-50-declaration
last year0.459 SBD and 0.853 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/steemit-nursery-contest-or-my-future-at-steemit-by-ajorundon
2 years ago0.372 SBD and 0.641 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/do-you-have-a-talent-to-showcase-don-t-be-left-out
2 years ago0.783 SBD and 1.182 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/read-post-to-know-more-about-what-confidence-does-for-you
2 years ago0.134 SBD and 0.346 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/thank-you-for-using-my-link
2 years ago0.150 SBD and 0.424 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/the-victor-tale-higro-or-part-2
2 years ago0.210 SBD and 0.591 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/dyed-nails
2 years ago0.550 SBD and 1.550 STEEM POWER for ajorundon/impostor-syndrome-recruiters-and-job-seekers-take-note