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2 years ago0.038 SBD and 0.040 STEEM POWER for aeryn/finding-space-a-quiet-voice-asmr-and-love-movie-on-14-10-2017-at-09-04
2 years ago0.000 SBD and 0.062 STEEM POWER for aeryn/i-need-to-learn-how-to-evict-my-neighbour-this-is-where-i-m-at-right-now
2 years ago0.075 SBD and 0.053 STEEM POWER for aeryn/all-my-works-available-free-henceforth-xxx-seriously-what-s-the-point-in-copyright
2 years ago0.052 SBD and 0.038 STEEM POWER for aeryn/re-steevc-thirteen-years-on-a-social-site-20170823t193921062z