I'm not FUCKING selling my Steem power for less than $100

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2 years ago0.016 SBD and 0.020 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/biomega-ev-a-new-open-wheel-vehicle-typology
3 years ago0.284 SBD and 1.510 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/hela-bio-smart-watch-sweat-test-blood-glucose
3 years ago0.116 SBD and 0.606 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/selpic-p1-the-world-s-smallest-handheld-printer
3 years ago0.179 SBD and 0.931 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/newulife-connect-latest-technology-and-communications-tools
3 years ago0.004 SBD and 0.027 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/emotionary-insight-into-your-emotions
3 years ago0.158 SBD and 0.881 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/resurfer-for-reddit-a-minimalistic-way-to-browse-reddit
3 years ago0.076 SBD and 0.426 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/qcf9wi
3 years ago0.262 SBD and 1.441 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/ology-science-learning-app-for-kids
3 years ago0.114 SBD and 0.609 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/goodlinks-save-links-read-later
3 years ago0.214 SBD and 1.141 STEEM POWER for abdulmanan/doing-it-right-app-for-impaired-person-to-test-their-hearing