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Author Rewards History

last year0.415 SBD and 1.098 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-5-task-4-review-steemdb-io
last year0.417 SBD and 1.097 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-5-review-about-steemyy-com
last year0.486 SBD and 1.123 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-5-task-2-steemscan-com
last year0.482 SBD and 1.113 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-5-review-about-stemworld-org
last year0.683 SBD and 1.026 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-4-applying-markdowns
last year0.626 SBD and 1.121 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-3-aanika-task-content-etiquette
last year0.596 SBD and 1.087 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-2-basic-security-on-steem-by-aanika
last year0.619 SBD and 1.427 STEEM POWER for aanika/achievement-1-by-aanika-in-newcomer-s-community