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9 months ago0.223 SBD and 0.481 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1650718664169-s
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10 months ago0.195 SBD and 0.610 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1647258110986-s
last year0.111 SBD and 0.316 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1643944277432-s
last year0.196 SBD and 0.612 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1643423701468-s
last year0.101 SBD and 0.332 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1643107824285-s
last year0.078 SBD and 0.283 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1642671934916-s
last year0.078 SBD and 0.283 STEEM POWER for a9876/wherein-1642562926481-s