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3 years ago0.089 STEEM POWER for broncnutz/appics-v1-appics-im-175230
3 years ago0.032 STEEM POWER for ptgram-power/uni-token--tabela-ptgram-e-relatorio-de-upvotes-07-05-20-20200507t030102z
3 years ago0.030 STEEM POWER for ataliba/actifit-ataliba-20200507t015053990z
3 years ago0.036 STEEM POWER for ai1love/5kcpty
3 years ago0.072 STEEM POWER for jedigeiss/appics-v1-appics-im-175072
3 years ago0.087 STEEM POWER for axeman/light-and-shadows
3 years ago0.027 STEEM POWER for kgakakillerg/looking-out-the-window-my-view
3 years ago0.056 STEEM POWER for travelgirl/should-i-or-shouldn-t-i
3 years ago0.032 STEEM POWER for kgakakillerg/tip-curate-upvote-anyone
3 years ago0.050 STEEM POWER for olga.maslievich/what-does-darynka-do-when-her-mom-and-older-sister-drink-coffee